7 Easy Stretches for whole Body

Neck and shoulder stretch

Since stress tends to build up in the neck and shoulders during the day, White recommends starting with stretches that target those regions as a first step.

Overhead arm pull

The overhead arm pull is a basic stretch that may help you become more flexible and relieve stress. 

Spinal twist

Comfort and flexibility may be greatly improved by stretching the spine. Sit on the edge of your chair with your right hand on your left knee.

Hamstring stretch

Over time, this may cause soreness and irritation in the lower back and hips, limit motion, and alter one's posture, as pointed out by White.

Wrist and forearm

Workers who spend long periods of time typing are at risk for repetitive strain illnesses such as carpal tunnel syndrome

Hug a bear

Simply grip each shoulder with one hand and cross your arms over your chest. You may also extend one arm at a time while pressing down with the other.

Figure 4-seated stretch

Master coach at TITLE Boxing Club Lo Santos, though, believes you can simply adapt this stretch to your office chair.


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