How To Turn $10K Into $100k in 2023: 5 Fast Ways To 10x Your Money (2023 Guide)

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1. Invest In Index Funds

Stocks or Index Funds are among the best ways to 10x your money in 2023. Stocks like S&P 500 generally come up with an average 10.5% ROI.

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2. Product and Website Flipping

Product and Website flipping is also one of the fastest ways to turn your $10K into $100K. In product flipping, you must actively look for discount sales or rarely available items over the internet.

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3. Invest in Dividend Stocks and ETFs

Dividends are also one of the rewards for the investors that companies provide annually, based on their profitability and sales in that year.

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4. Invest Your Money in REITs

In simple words, REITS turns commercial properties into stock exchanges, where people can easily invest any amount of money.

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5. Start An Etsy Store

Though you can sell anything over the Esty, it is better to choose some on-demand or unique products, including wooden crafts, digital files etc.

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