MomScope for August 4, 2023

We can't always get what we want -- and your baby is not immune. Early in the day, they will take it in their stride but later may tend to be moody as a result.

Take ample time today to talk about feelings with your little one. They might have unwittingly wounded the feelings of a sibling or classmate.

You have a plan: Hit the road early and keep your little one busy until bedtime. They'll fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow, but you'll still have enough energy to make your other half


This would be a good day to hide. Even with a packed schedule, you really do need some 'me' time, so grab a couple of hours just for yourself while your child is at dance

This is a wonderful day to provide your little one with an opportunity to mingle with other children who are different from them

This is another day in which you can use cold logic to your advantage. Explain that dessert follows dinner because it's a treat and not a major food group.

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