most snuggly dog breeds

Golden Retriever One of the most affectionate dog breeds, Golden Retrievers are great family companions. Gentle, caring, and friendly, they love children and will always give a belly rub

They love attention and spending time with their owners. They love belly rubs, kisses, and hugs and are the ultimate pick-me-up. 

Brussels Griffon With amusing features and lots of personality, the small Brussels Griffon packs a lot of love and loyalty. 


Newfoundland These large chunks love lounging with you. The calm, amiable Newfoundland needs a lot of exercise but enjoys snuggling with you at night. 

The American Staffordshire Terriers are cute little meatballs! They may look strong, yet they're affectionate and social and may be devoted pets in any family. Pete the Pup, the Little Rascals dog

Bichon Frise This smaller kind of dog is too cute to resist cuddling, and they crave attention. Their fluffy coat makes them great lap dogs

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