quietest dog breeds for peacemakers

French Bulldog Playful, bright, and friendly, the French Bulldog is vigilant and attentive to his surroundings

Great Dane Great Danes are gentle giants, but you and your neighbors will notice when they bark. These kind and noble canines are good guard dogs and will bark to defend their area

 Bernese Mountain Dog The Bernese Mountain Dog is large but calm, gentle, and eager to please. They make great watchdogs and only bark when strangers access their property. 


Cane Corso A quiet, confident dog, the Cane Corso is intelligent and trainable. This willful breed needs a person to show them who's boss.

 Pug Pugs are silent barkers, only yipping when stimulated. Cuddly and eccentric, these human-obsessed logs are lazy logs who just snore.

 Saint Bernard Charming, polite, and saintly patient! These friendly giants are powerful and calm, and they love lounging with their families

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