The 6 Deadliest Zodiacs

Capricorn A examination of the world's most infamous serial killers found that Capricorn had committed the most killings. 

Leo Leos are one of the most hazardous signs because they live in their minds. However, they often struggle with mental health and insular thinking. 

Scorpio Scorpios are one of the most hazardous Zodiac signs, as most people know


Sagittarius Sagittarians are like Leos in their desperation for wealth. They are hazardous because they lack morality to thrive in this world. 

Aquarius Aquarians are easygoing but vindictive and manipulative. Aquarians are dangerous because they will do anything to avenge a betrayal or abuse.

Libra Libras are most financially risky. Despite being righteous, they are driven by wealth and often engage in money-related organized crime. A Libra rarely breaks the law, but when they do

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