These 5 Zodiac Signs Stay Social

In how many group chats? More importantly, how many group chats do you want? Having many friends is fantastic, but these five zodiac signs prefer a small group.


Homebody Cancer understands they can't remain indoors all day, so they may as well go somewhere comfy, like their best friend's house.


Once inside, earth signs are supportive and provide top-notch advice to get you out of any predicament.


Scorpio is proud of its reputation as the zodiac's most enigmatic sign, so it doesn't let many people into its company.


Happiness doesn't require many friends. Tauruses prefer stability, therefore they care more about their friends than their group conversations.


Virgos have very precise demands, so if you don't satisfy them, they'll reject you. Earth signs are strict. If you don't fit, the changeable sign won't squeeze you in.

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