Tobey Maguire Stokes Spider-Man 4 Rumors

Tobey Maguire's recent comments on acting with Andrew Garfield in 'No Way Home' have sparked rumors of a possible 'Spider-Man 4' movie.

Maguire expressed his excitement for returning to the role and working with Garfield.

Fans are speculating about a potential crossover film featuring Maguire and Garfield's Spider-Man characters.

Maguire's comments have reinvigorated interest in the possibility of a 'Spider-Man 4' movie.

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The previous 'Spider-Man' trilogy starring Maguire was a huge success and fans have been clamoring for a fourth installment for years.

Garfield played Spider-Man in two films before the franchise was rebooted with Tom Holland in the lead role.

The upcoming 'No Way Home' film is set to feature multiple versions of Spider-Man, including Maguire and Garfield's characters.

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